Refill Program


Have you ever bought a candle in a pretty vessel and thought I will burn that on a special occasion and then never used it?  I know I did that for years.  Always out on display for people to see but never actually burning the candle.  

Now you can burn your candle knowing that you can have the vessel refilled so you can enjoy it over and over again!!  All our jar vessels can be refilled with a new scent or the same scent for a reduced price. 

Refill is based on the amount of wax used.  $2.00 per ounce, you only pay for wax used by weight.   If you have a vessel that is 8 oz but I can only fill it with 7 oz of wax then you would be charged for 7 oz not 8 oz. Pour is always weighed so you are guaranteed to get what you pay for. 

All vessels are cleaned, and water tested first to make sure there are no leaks before starting.

For refill of my vessels, you always get your vessel back.   You will never buy a new candle that is in a refilled jar.  For that reason, you do have to drop the vessel off (tote always on porch) with your name and contact information along with the scent that you would like.   Once your candle is ready, I will reach out to let you know.

I love to do custom vessels so if you have a vessel that you would like to be a candle or if you have any questions, please reach out.